Layer One

Enterprise level Layer1 EVM blockchain networks. Quick, efficient, scalable and production ready.

  • Always On
  • High Speed
  • Custom Gas
  • Custom Coin
  • Custom RPC
  • Custom Supply
  • Block Explorer
  • MetaMask Ready
  • Your Cloud
  • Or Our Cloud

Quick Setup

A independent EVM blockchain network with your settings ready within hours after setting up access to cloud accounts.


Dedicated support for every network, with personalized assistance. No support bots! And we prepare your docs.

Your Keys

Only you possess and hold the keys for the validators. They are never stored on our servers in clear text.


Computing services from various providers from all around the globe.


All Plans Include

Dedicated Hosts for Nodes

Each blockchain runs on its own set of servers, which are distributed globally.

Premium Support

Quick incident response to ensure services will be always online without interruption.

Advanced Block Explorer

Using Expenter explorer or Blockscout explorer. Both are advanced and include Web3 tools for smart contracts.

Blockchain Monitoring

Easy to use, web based tools to monitor the activities and status of nodes and network.

Admin Dashboard

A web based platform to manage the blockchain and the nodes using a friendly interface.

Private or Public Blockchain

Permissioned private blockchains or permissionless public blockchains.