Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnterChain Labs?

A team of developers specialized in blockchain technology solutions. We integrate solid technologies and design custom industry level solutions.

Is EnterChain a Blockchain?

Yes. EnterChain is an EVM blockchain. Its native coins is EnterCoin (enter).

Is EnterChain Really Gas Free?

Yes. There are zero fees on transactions, and users can create and transfer tokens without the need for the native coin ENTER balance.

Can I run a blockchain using the SaaS?

Yes. You can run a blockchain network, completely independent and isolated from other blockchains. Using SaaS you don’t need the technical knowledge to run a complicated blockchain network.

Can I host my blockchain and other services?

Yes. You have the choice to run any of the services on your chosen cloud provider and own servers.

What else can the SaaS be used for?

Blockchain hosting, NFT marketplace platform, exchange platform, DEX, vaults and strategies, farms, and any service that we provide.

is EnterChain Labs a cloud provider?

In a way, yes. But it is a cloud specialized in blockchain related solutions and offers cloud resources as a part of the complete solutions, which includes hosting the services such as blockchain nodes, exchange and money transfer platforms, and other services.

What are the payment options? Is EnterCoin accepted?

EnterChain Labs is an instrument in EnterCoin eco-system. Preferred method of payment is with EnterCoin ENTRC tokens. Other crypto payments are also welcome. Soon clients will be able to use major payment cards like MasterCard and Visa.