We Create and Integrate

EnterChain Labs was founded for the purpose of developing technology protocols
and extend the native power of blockchain to disrupt some core technology
concepts such as authentication and authorization protocol; hence the name ENTER.


Outstanding Features

Simple & Reliable

  • Solution creation wizards
  • Friendly admin dashboard
  • Blockchain in a website

Solid Technology

  • Ethereum as a standard
  • Hyperledger Besu EVM client
  • Dedicated networks


  • Globally distributed
  • Private isolated networks
  • Designed for blockchains

Use Cases

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

Proposing Hyperthereum protocol for user authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). An example of non-blockchain AAA protocol is Kerberos protocol.

  • Smart contracts based
  • On-chain and off-chain
  • Defines roles and permissions
  • Web3: easily integrated

Fully featured tokenization platform

Easily integrate blockchain technology to seamlessly issue customizable assets and streamline compliance, onboarding, lifecycle management, asset servicing, and distribution..

  • Built-in compliance functions
  • Entire asset lifecycle
  • Direct asset distribution
  • Real-time settlement transaction

Payment Gateway

An enterprise-grade crypto currency settlement services and payments infrastructure.

  • Accelerated go-to-market
  • Easy integration
  • Security and resilience
  • Removal of reconciliations
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